New horizons

I’ve recently switched gears and am working for a great company called KrekowJennings.  My consulting business will be reduced to quarterly side projects.

One thing I’ve realized in the past 5 years is that I am terribly interested in many things, and many of them I have no interest into turning into dollars and cents in my bank account.  That’s unfortunately not a good characteristic for the startup businessman of today.  Its been a financial struggle to know what to do with the cross section of my passions and my work, and I believe I’ve come to some conclusions that I am by nature a designer, and the personality I speak of in that sense is of one who never stops thinking of how things are made.  When its your job to design, you get very tired, you get very tired of the design, because your intent is to see things made.

I want to see things made.

kJ is a general contractor of unique history and nature.  I’m still learning what it’s like, but it is undoobedably an amazing fit.  I’ve been sharpened and preened for the position i’ve been recently put in.  I now have the joy of seeing things built, but the heartache of seeing how things are actually made, often times, not so greatly inspired.  I hope to bridge these gaps with a team that strives to see beauty in all of the environment around us, by inspiration and power of the One who is isn’t just in the details, but throughout it all.